Airline Catering

Each Airline's passenger is special. The passenger characteristics vary according to the origin and flight destination of the Airlines. Every region of the world has a different taste and dining culture. The Airlines endeavor to make their passengers feel comfortable and at home throughout the flight. Along with this, they also aim at presenting their passengers different tastes and letting them make new experiences. At this point, the passengers' feelings on what they eat and drink is of great importance.

What the passenger shall like to eat and drink is very important for the airlines. The flight duration, time of departure, time of arrival, the nationality of the passenger, the passenger's sex and even age, nourishment preferences are of utmost significance in the preparation of the catering concept. The passenger service is full of wordless messages by the Airline to its passenger. These messages are prepared by SANCAK Inflight Service and it is fundamentally essential to make the Airline passengers happy.

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