Executive Jets service is a process which is fitted with special services from the beginning until the end and which is concluded with care. Executive Jets service is a spirit that does not accept any faults and aims at making you feel special every moment of the service. The catering of this service has to be pioneering and synchronous with the other items of this service as well. SANCAK Inflight Service, with this awareness, keeps its Executive Jet Catering at a separate place from its other services. The service starting with an operational unit, which has been especially structured for Executive Jet Catering, comprises chefs and cooks specialized in terms of Executive Jet Catering services as well as the transportation of the catering, that is carefully prepared in accordance with the customer expectations, by means of special vehicles. The equipment used in the Executive Jet catering is especially chosen in accordance with the contents of the catering. The information of the persons supposed to make the presentation of the caterings prepared by means of special equipment is again realized by authorized service members specialized in their branches.
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