SANCAK Inflight Service is a joint-stock company, which has been founded entirely with Turkish capital, as the third catering company of Turkey and which has started its activities in September 2010 at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport and the Antalya Airport. The company has realized its first growth by including also the Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport into its field of activity in February 2011.

In fact, SANCAK Inflight Service is the rebirth of Sancak Catering, which is Turkey's first private catering company with 100% Turkish capital. Sancak Catering, which has been founded at the Istanbul Atatürk Airport in 1993, has realized a rapid growth within a very short time and has become one of Turkey's major catering firms. The company, which has been serving under the name Sancak Catering during the years 1993 - 1997, has been renamed as LSG-Sancak Catering upon its partnership with LSG in 1997. There has been a partnership with LSG between the years 1997 - 2007.

In 2007, the partnership has been terminated upon the decision of the Turkish equity owners. As a result of the projects prepared by blending the analysis of the experience and business knowledge achieved, the desire for a new leap and determination, a rebirth has been experienced and SANCAK Inflight Service has come into existence.

SANCAK Inflight Service, having taking their first step of existence with Alajnihah Air Transport, has started its development with Buraq Air. Afterwards, Adria Airways, who has for the first time entered a cooperation in terms of catering with SANCAK Inflight Service, last ended its tradition of 21 years and has created a milestone for SANCAK Inflight Service. SANCAK Inflight Service, having initiated cooperation with the Kyrgyz Airways, Daghestan Airlines, Grozny Avia, Rusline Airlines, Atlasjet Airlines, Iraqi Airways, Nordwind Airlines, Orenair, Saga Airlines, Air Moldova, Yamal Airlines, Kogalymavia Airlines, Kaz Air Trans, Saratov Airlines, Vladivostok Air, Ural Airlines and UTAir upon subsequently experienced rapid developments, is continuing on its way with an acceleration gradually increasing every day."

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