As one can guess, Executive Jet Catering is a very demanding service which undoubtedly requires a perfectionist approach & spirit that does not leave any room for mistakes. The primary aim is to make you and your passengers feel special at every step of the Service. What is more, this Catering Service has to be immaculate and should be in harmony with all t he other components of the executive jet journey. With this awareness, we treat and handle Executive Jet Catering in a special way, with our dedicated Executive Jet branch which represents a totally different approach than other services and service providers.
The starting point of our Service is a Sancak unit that has been specially structured for Executive Jet Catering. This ensures that your order is received by dedicated Executive Jet Service Officers, your food is prepared by skilled chefs experienced in Executive Jet Catering, your meals are served and transported in premium equipment and delivered to your aircraft again by dedicated Executive Jet Srvice Officers.
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