Tuna salad with green onion, pickle, fresh spices with cream sauce mixed with mayonnaise vinaigrette sauce 
Greek salad with feta cheese cubes, black olive slices julienne rod slices 
Caesar salad with parmesan slices, crouton, anchovy or chicken slices, served with Caesar sauce 
Mediterranean salad with chicken, three color pepper, julienne pickle and sliced tomatoes 
Arugula salad with arugula leaves, parmesan shavings, cherry tomato, red pepper slices, onion rings served with balsamic sauce 
Seafood salad with crab and shrimps, mussel and shelled calamari, octopus, bay leaf, garlic, tomato, lemon and pickle slices served with vinaigrette sauce 
Antipasto salad with smoked turkey, chicken, beef salami or jambon mixed with Mediterranean greens, cherry tomatoes, peppers. Served with cream or vinaigrette sauce 
Insalata caprese with mozzarella, tomato slice and basil served with vinaigrette sauce
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